for little rascals

yo! tough kid

children's clothes hangers for little fashionistas

how to hang your kids clothes neatly? you do that with our collection of children's clothes hangers. for toddlers to adolescents: there is something for each child. because an organized life starts with an organized wardrobe. you can not start early enough!
the clothes hangers bring your child peace in the morning, a tidy private domain and a supplement to their own style. small in size, with a particularly large effect.

clothes hangers are as unique as your child. 
your rascals obviously deserve the best.
that is why all our children's clothes hangers are made of sustainable wood. but of course the colors to choose  are up to the kids themselves! how about cool blue, gray or green? or sweet orange, pink or red? whatever their favorite color is: your order is shipped free of charge from 75€ anywhere across europe.
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