• 10 x Classic natural oak top
  • 10 x Classic natural oak top
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10 x Classic natural oak top

YH17072 42cm breed. 10 hangers voor:59.95€ 59,95op voorraad
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A classic clothing style demands high-quality wooden coat hangers in your wardrobe. This glossy oak coat hanger with a chrome hook exudes a sense of calm and quality in your wardrobe. The hand-made coat hanger is made of beautiful oak wood, with a high-quality finish. Your order quantity is a multiple of 10 hangers.
country house collection

Starters pack classic natural oak (15x)

A classic clothing style demands a high-quality wooden coat hanger. After all, your carefully selected clothes deserve a nice place in your wardrobe. This classic starter pack consists of 5 top hangers, 2 jacket hangers and 3 trouser/skirt hangers. All of the coat hangers in the Classic pack are hand-made of quality oak wood, finished in a variety of natural, classic styles. This hanger is made of glossy dark oak, and is fitted with a chrome hook. A valuable gift to give... or to receive.

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