for heavy metal lovers

metal clothes hangers

clothes hangers for grown-up fashion lovers
an organized life starts with an organized wardrobe. and a tidy wardrobe is really complete with first class clothes hangers. style is finally in the details. time to buy clothes hangers that bring you peace in the morning, get the most out of your unique items and perfectly match your lifestyle.
clothes hangers that match your fashion sense

do you fall for the timeless character of white hangers?
can the luxury feeling of wooden hangers appeal to you better? or does the subtle richness of minimalistic metal pendants appeal to you? the choice is yours.
choose your favorite from our dizzying variety of styles. we have hangers specifically for your finest shirts, keeping the most beautiful blouses nice, wearing the warmest coats, keeping your pants wrinkle free, hanging up your skirts and keeping your costumes together. And whatever you choose: your order will be sent free of charge from € 75.
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