we are YourHanger and we are here for you as a consumer!

the above may sound a little weird, but let me explain.
Yourhanger is the love baby of Hooks Creative, Soopl and Hans Boodt Mannequins. three Dutch companies that have earned their stripes in the fashion industry. we were often asked whether the beautiful clothes hangers, which we make in large numbers for well-known clothing brands, can be purchased separately for consumers. and that made us think! how can we get the beautiful products we make to consumers. after all, at your home that beautiful item of clothing deserves just as much attention as nice clothing does in a flagship store.

together with our design team, owners arjan kaan and marco ouwerkerk developed a wide variety of clothes hangers for you.  now you can decorate your clothes rack, coat rack or wardrobe at your own taste. that’s what we like to do, motivate and encourage people to look at their wardrobe with a different perspective.

we often start the day with a sleepy look at that messy wardrobe. at YourHanger we are happy helping you to make a little change. a tidy life starts with a tidy wardrobe.

wake up to a little luxury and show off your hangers!

ps: if you have any questions or nice ideas, click here.


Hendrik Figeeweg 3D

2031 BJ Haarlem


+31 (0)23 210 01 82

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